Sunday, June 20, 2010

Yolanda Calderon & family - California

Dear Bro. Jason, we are sadden by the loss of your mamacita, Ruth. Please know that we shall keep you and your family in our prayers and thoughts. Although I did not have the priviledge of knowing her or your dad, for that matter, I feel connected because of their passion in spreading the gospel! What an incredible legacy! Blessings, arturo y yolanda calderon

Yolanda Calderon

Joe and Yvonne Bruce - FL & Caribbean

Yvonne and I wanted to join your many other brothers and sisters in Christ in expressing to you our condolences and prayers at this time. Having both lost parents we understand some of the emotions their death brings. As a friend of our expressed it, “we are ready to let them go, but just not today.” So as you and your family go through this time of grieving, we pray that you will be very much aware of God’s sustaining grace and of the comforting presence of His Spirit in your lives.

Know you are loved,
Joe and Yvonne Bruce

Roy and Dirce Cooper Sunrise, FL

How we thank the Lord for the many years of life and fruitful ministry that God gave to her and your Dad in Uruguay and for the spiritual legacy that she leaves. Dirce and I are praying for you and for all your brothers, sisters and extended family. We trust that He will strengthen you all with His peace.

In Christ,

Wally and Betty Poor - Rockledge, FL

Dear Jason and Susan,
I just now read the e-mail about your mother's death. I thought, "What a reception she got in heaven."
Betty and I will be praying for you and your brothers and sisters.


Connie Rodgers - Richmond


Praise God for your mother’s faithful life of service! We are praying for you and your family as you grieve, that God will fill each of you with His peace during this time. I also pray that God will use this time to work in the hearts of any in your family that are far from Him. I’m sure that has always been your mother’s most urgent desire.



Mary Jo Hines Richmond, VA


What a blessed home-going! I know that all of you were a great blessing to your mom and she sure stayed a good long time to watch over and love you all on this side. Looking forward to that great reunion when I will get to meet her and our Savior!

We will be praying for you and all the family – even though you know she is home with the Lord, we know you will be missing her – but just for a little while!


Mary Jo

Michael and Brenda Hand

Brenda and I are praying for you and the family as you celebrate the life of your dear mom and here "Home Going"